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Welcome to Internet Support Ltd, were we provide technical search solutions for your internet or computer related problems.

To use the technical search engine or Forums, you need to type in a "Keyword". An example, of using a keyword could be: How do I remove "spyware" or what is a "worm virus". These are popular keywords used to find similar problems experienced by other Internet users.

A common problem experienced by most users on the internet is Adware or Spyware, unwanted software scripts used to track your browsing activities on the internet. This could be, as a result of downloading software, using peer-to-peer software or opening email attachments from unknow users.

There are a number of software tools that provide protection from Spammers "people who send unsolicted emails", Anti-virus programs, and Firewalls that keep your data safe on the Internet.

You can find the best software tools provided free on the Internet with " ". The software packs includes Norton Anti-virus, Ad-aware Removers and Virus scanners, Adobe Reader, RealPlayer, Picasa Photo Organiser and many more.


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